On CNN's "New Day" program today, former CIA counterterrorism operative Phil Mudd referred to Julian Assange -- the founder of WikiLeaks -- as a “pedophile who lives in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.” Mudd was referring to remarks Assange made to Fox New's Sean Hannity, who released an interview he had with Assange last night.
In a tweet today, WikiLeaks stated, “We have issued instructions to sue CNN for defamation ... Unless within 48h they air a one-hour expose of the plot.”
WikiLeaks was referring to allegations that Assange had sexually molested an eight-year-old girl in the Bahamas. "The plot" was promoted by a company that operated a dating website that approached Assange but was unable to secure his endorsement. Bahaman police have acknowledged to media that they are in receipt of a tip concerning the alleged crime. Also, they have not identified a potential victim nor have they ever received complaint . Bahamian police are not pursuing the matter. 
T&C Network Solutions asserts that they withdrew the endorsement deal after their supposed rape-screening tool denoted Assange as an alleged pedophile. For his part, Assange claimed that the deal was not brought to fruition after WikiLeaks concluded that T&C was actually a front company to pay Assange with funding traceable to Russsia.  
Assange has come under fire, especially from progressives and Democrats. The White House asserts that Russia has been behind the hacks of Democratic National Committee emails. Assange has categorically denied any connection between Russia and WikiLeaks and the more than 50,000 emails the transparency organization released to public scrutiny.



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