Well, the latest purification of the internet just came down on the Jewish Defense League of Canada. Facebook banned them in order to lighten the burden of hate on the web. The tyranny of the Sultans of Silicon Valley is intensifying and there are far reaching effects.

One argument is that Twitter, Google, Facebook and Youtube are private businesses and can do as they please, but I say this goes against the grain of the American sense of fair play and freedom. Here’s why: These internet businesses are so massively large, pervasive and universally systemic in today’s modern world that they behave more like a utility. There is overwhelming evidence these businesses/utilities are manipulating access to information via censorship and repressive algorithms--‘fake search’ and ‘fake filter’.  

Ask yourself this:

Why is ‘fake news’ bad for us, but when Google provides  ‘fake search’ it isn’t bad?

This type of internet censorship is a civil rights violation of our voting privileges because it restricts our access to ideas and speech. As US citizens, it is our right to be properly informed so that we may be conscientious voters. Just sayin’.

Bill Warner PhD is an author and educator. See his website: Political Islam.



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