At her February 27 appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference, conservative radio and television personality Laura Ingraham took a swipe at former Florida governor Jeb Bush and his Mexican-born wife Columba. Ingraham said "Jeb could really explode the gender gap. ... Women could really turn out in droves for Jeb Bush," adding, "What woman doesn't like a man who gives her a blank check at Tiffany's? Diamonds are a girl's best friend -- that would be a great theme song for Jeb Bush."
She was apparently referring to an incident of 15 years ago that occurred during Bush’s gubernatorial tenure in Florida. It was at that time that Federal customs authorities stopped Columba Bush for having allegedly misrepresenting the declared value of clothing and jewelry she purchased during five days of shopping in France.
According to the Washington Post, less than a year later Columba Bush "took out a loan to buy $42,311.70 worth of jewelry on a single day" at a store in Florida.
Ingraham’s remarks did not agree with some. Ana Navarro, a Bush supporter, and Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin. Navarro wrote on Twitter: “As a woman, I find it particularly distasteful that Ms. Ingraham's anti-Jeb obsession, turned into a swipe at Columba Bush at CPAC. Unseemly.” Rubin tweeted, “A distasteful personal attack on jeb by Laura Ingraham.. an embarrassment  for her and CPAC.”
The outspoken conservative radio host appeared to pair Bush with presumed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton: "We could dispense with this whole nomination process together. ... Why don't we just call it quits? And Jeb and Hillary can run on the same ticket," she said. "I mean, going through the list of things they agree on: Common Core, amnesty, giving Obama fast-track trade authority, allowing the trade deals with China, the surveillance culture. So I'm designing the bumper sticker. It could be, Clush 2016: What difference does it make?"



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