Republicans are concerned enough about possible fraudulent voting during the coming election that the party is sending electoral observers to polling places to report any fraudulent activity they observe. Citing the Insight-us website, the leftist DailyKos website claims that North Carolina’s Republican party is seeking to discourage certain voters from casting their ballots this season. DailyKos claims that the GOP plans to greet voters with “a little good old-fashioned ‘southern hospitality’ (AKA vigilante justice) at the polls.”
Within Wake County is Raleigh -- the state capital. North Carolina continues to grow economically as well as diversify. Black Americans accounted for 21% of the population in Wake County in 2015, thus showing an increase of just under 1 percent since 2005. The influx of voters from the northeast in recent years has changed the political dynamics in a state that Democrats hope to win this year. Wake County is crucial in turning North Carolina from a red state to a blue state because 9% of the state's black voters reside there. The Clinton campaign is expecting to win big among black voters in the state.
With concern rising among Republicans in North Carolina over voter fraud, the Public Interest Legal Foundation -- which uncovered possible voter fraud in Virginia and Pennsylvania -- is filing a lawsuit in which it argues that fraud is taking place in Wake County.  
A leaked email indicated that Charles Hellwig, a Republican official --- is calling for fellow Republicans to work “inside watching for fraud and vigilantly protecting the act of voting:” As in many jurisdictions, both Democrats and Republicans train party faithful to serve as election observers and to hand out party literature. See below:



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