Where are the real heroes in the struggle against Islamic jihad?

politics | Mar 09, 2018 | By Bill Warner

I just got through watching a video by one of my personal heroes, Anni Cyrus. Now, why do I call her a hero? Well, I did something very unusual this week. I went to see a movie by Clint Eastwood about Jihad in Europe called the 15:17 to Paris. These were real heroes because these were flawed people. People who have their own problems, but when the time came to be courageous, they moved in the face of fear.

Now before this video where a lot of previews of movies that are coming to this theater and I was struck by, although they talk about heroes, they are not real heroes. These are computer graphics heroes. These are artificial people who are super heroes. So those are real heroes, but people like Anni Cyrus and the men on the train to Paris were.

Now this was a video in which a man talked about his objections to what Anni had said in the lecture about Sharia. Now he’s not capable of really talking about Islam. So he comes back to talk about Muslims. Muslims he has known and what they said. Now he doesn’t know it, but he’s displaying an ignorance because he thinks that whatever a Muslim says is Islam. That is very advantageous. Why? Because you can find a Muslim who will say what you want to hear so you can say Islam is what you want it to be. But there’s only one Muslim who counts: and this is Muhamed. This man knew nothing about Muhammad. He’s also confused about cause and effect.

I am a scientist and I love cause and effect, so let me address this problem. Islam creates Muslims. Muslims do not create Islam. People start talking about Muslims when they don’t know anything about the Koran, the Sira and the Hadith. That's really strange, and Anni experiences this. What’s really strange in any experiences this.

When you quote Koran and Hadiht, how did they call you? They call you a hater. Isn't that strange. I’m one of America’s top Islamophobes. Why? Because I say what Islam says. I say what Muhammad said and did. Then it comes back to the standard argument, but it all depends on how you interpret it. Well, let’s take an interpretation moment. Some men came to Muhammad and wound up converting to Islam and then leaving Islam and stealing his camels. Muhammed had their hands and feet cut off ,cauterized so they wouldn’t bleed to death, put out their eyes with hot nails then threw them in the sun on sharp rocks to die of starvation. Now, how do you interpret that? Well, here’s one interpretation: becoming an apostate can yourself killed, which is one of the reasons I say Anni Cyrus is a hero.

Then our man, the opponent of Annie says, well, what about this bad stuff in the Bible too? Well, this is a standard riff of comparative religion. They don’t know anything about Islam. So they talk about what they do know, which is a religion usually either Judaism or Christianity. Now I’ve had this happen in my lectures and so what I tell him is, sir, this is a lecture on Islam. If you want a lecture on comparative religion, it’s down the hall to the right. So what these people are doing is they don’t know anything about Islam.

So they talk about what they do know and they wind up waving and saying, 'Oh well all religions are bad,' but then they pull out their ace in the hole, they know a verse of the Koran, and so they quote it. This is truly the mark of ignorance because they don’t understand that the Koran is a dualistic document.

Muhammad preached a religion of peace for 13 years in Mecca and converted about a 150 people. He then moved to Medina where we became a politician and a jihadist. He committed some 95 acts of jihad, but when he died he was a complete success, and all the Arabs are Muslims. So what did we learn from this? Islam is a religion of peace and the politics of jihad, but those contradict each other. Yes, that’s the nature of dualism.

Then he says, 'Well, do you think that Sharia really will take over this country? Well, there’s not a chance of that.' Well, this man says, in another way, 'I don’t want to think about Islamic history.'

Islamic invaded what we now call Turkey in 1453. It took centuries for Turkey to become completely Sharia compliant. But it happened. You see, there is a law of Islamic saturation: once Islam enters a society, given enough time -- centuries -- it will become completely Islamic. Now, this man’s arguments are so standard and yet he thinks he’s so intelligent and so original and virtuous.

Then here’s the moral of the story: Don’t talk about Muslims. Talk about Islam, and be brave enough to talk about Islam even though you’re going to be called a bigot, a hater, or a racist and Islamophobe. You can be a hero and speak the truth.

Bill Warner PhD is the author of several books about political Islam.




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