Dave Chapelle takes on Trump, Clinton, and Black Lives Matter

politics | Aug 29, 2016 | By Martin Barillas

Comedian Dave Chappelle has taken on and poked fun at racism and racist stereotypes for years. He pokes fun at himself, celebrities, and at how society deals with issues relating to race, politics, and poverty. Roger Friedman, writing at ShowBiz411 described a recent appearance at the Cutting Room in New York City that comes in advance of yet another appearance at the Gramercy Theater in the Big Apple. Chappelle will go on to London from there.
During his show, Chappelle spoke to the recent killing of Nykea Aldridge: a cousin of NBA star Dwayne Wade. Aldridge was walking along a sidewalk recently in Chicago as she pushed a stroller carrying her newborn child. She died when she was struck by bullets intended for someone else in a gun fight that broke out on the street.
Friedman said that Chappelle let hid audience know from the beginning that this was to be a “racist show,” and then moved on to topics of the day, including the recent killing. Of the latter, Chappelle said that Wade’s hashtag on Twitter about killings such as these, “Enough is Enough,” is far better than one that is much better known. Chappel said, “Black lives matter is a terrible slogan.”
Seeking to put some distance between himself and Donald Trump, who conveyed his condolences to Aldridge’s family via Twitter, he said ironically, “Oh yea, now I’m voting for Donald Trump.” While Chappelle did admit that he is contemplating a vote for Hillary Clinton, it turns out that he and his wife are friendly with Stacey Dash: a black American actress who has become notable for advocating conservatism and her support for Trump. However, he said that he and Dash are not soul mates.
Chappelle talked about wanting to vote for Hillary Clinton. But it also turns out that he and his wife are friendly with outspoken conservative black actress Stacey Dash. That gives the argument balance, although he conceded that he and “Stacey are not soulmates.” 
When he talked about a fatal stabbing on the campus of Cornell University in New York, in which a 19-year-old black man lost his life, he asked “Who stabs anymore?”  While seeking his audience to empathize, he asked “When did it become just caring about ourselves and not caring about other people?”
Chappelle took a hiatus of several years after producing popular skits, some of which appear on YouTube. In one of his most famous, he plays “Clayton Bigsby” -- a man dressed in the white sheets of a Ku Klux Klansman leading a group of wildly enthusiastic racists and bigots. Masked by the typical white hood of the Klan, he professes his hatred and contempt for black people. When he is revealed to be a black man himself, one member of the audience actually explodes in confusion while the rest are shocked by the revelation.



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