Author and controversialist Ann Coulter issued a tweet in response to an article at the New York Times that featured an interview with former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. A former governor of Arizona, Napolitano is now the head of the University of California system which has nearly 190,000 students. It was Napolitano who signed off on Barack Obama’s policy document in 2012 that created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program which provides work permits and protection from deportation to about 752,000 young illegal immigrants.

Currently, the university system she oversees has about 3,800 illegal aliens, some of whom are covered by DACA. Napolitano is seeking to convince President Donald Trump that DACA is an appropriate use of his presidential power. She emphasized in the NYT article that DACA young people are of minimal risk to national security because they have passed background checks in order to be covered by the program. According to the article, Napolitano’s message to the newly inaugurated president is: “Why waste resources trying to deport good students who’ve done everything right?”

In response, Coulter tweeted that by admitting DACA immigrants, they would soon become eligible for being granted visas for family members, as well as various government benefits.

She has long approved of Trump’s projected border wall. After Trump signed an executive order calling for construction to get underway, she tweeted that the cost of the walls would be “far below” the cost of “imprisoning more than half a million illegal immigrants.” In one of a series of tweets, she wrote: “Cost of building wall roughly equal to one year's worth of court translators for illegal immigrant criminals.”



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