According to famed law professor and Constitution scholar Alan Dershowitz, it is likely that the Supreme Court will rule in favor of President Donald Trump's executive order limiting visas from certain Muslim-majority countries. Dershowitz said that the so-called ban is not directed at Muslims but at countries that fail to have "adequate vetting processes." Speaking to Bill Tucker of "Newsmax Now" on Wednesday, Dershowitz said that the ban is not "the most perfect and artfully drawn ban," but added "that's not the criteria's constitutionality."

Dershowitz said, "It is not a Muslim ban. It is a ban on people coming from countries that don't have adequate vetting processes for assuring that terrorists don't come into the country." The lower court decisions regarding the ban suggest "politicization rather than [judicial] activism." He told Newsmax, "I think we're seeing judges impose their own personal views," he said. "I think they're honorable people, they're honest judges. That's the way they view the Constitution. . . . And they honestly, but in my view, mistakenly come to the conclusion that this discriminates against Muslims."

On the issue of NFL players who refuse to stand during the National Anthem at football games, Dershowitz averred that making a crime out of a protest is not possible. "But if the employer on his own, without any threat from the government of tax consequences, were to say that every player must stand, that would be perfectly OK and the players couldn't sue," he said.

"I always put out the shoe on the other foot test and under our Constitution what's good for the kneeling players is good for the Klan," Dershowitz said. "There's no constitutional difference between a Klansman and a football player kneeling. So be careful what you wish for because what you wish for for the football players will also be applicable to the Ku Klux Klan, and the neo-Nazis, Antifa, and every other terrible group."



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