A heartwrenching video posted by a family in Utah showed a nearly miraculous rescue of a 2-year-old boy by his twin brother. When Kayli Shoff checked out the surveillance camera in her son's bedroom, she also noticed that a dresser that had toppled over on the floor. It was not until the couple reviewed the surveillance that one of the two boys rescued the other who was trapped beneath the dresser that had fallen over while they were playing.
The video showed how little Brock Shoff climbed up the drawers of the bureau, which then fell over and pinned him. Brother Bowdy came to the rescue and manhandled the dresser for about two minutes before he finally lifted the dresser off of Brock. Brock was then able to escape.
Watch the full video of the incident below.
The Shoff family lives in Orem, Utah. Brock Shoff did not suffer any injuries as a result of the accident on December 30. "It's kind of a miracle, it's something really special, to see how Bowdy helped Brock," Ricky Shoff told CNN.



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