Louis C.K. has child rape on his mind

entertainment | May 18, 2015 | By William Donohue

"Child molesters are very tenacious people," Louis C.K. told the SNL audience. "They love molesting childs [sic] — it's crazy. It's like their favorite thing! It's so crazy, because when you consider the risk in being a child molester .. .there is no worse life available to a human being than being caught a child molester. And yet they still do it. Which from — you can only really surmise — that it must be really good."

This "joke" didn't go over too well with the audience. But they should have expected it — he's gone to the same sewer before.

Five years ago Louis C.K. accused Pope Benedict XVI of molesting children. He told Jon Stewart that in his new FX show, "Louie," he could not utter certain words, offering as an example, "I was going to say that the pope f**** boys."

Louis C.K. needs to explain why he has child rape on his mind.



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