Poverty-stricken Albania has been under the yolk of progressive philanthropist George Soros for over twenty years. Furthermore, under the current government of Socialist Prime Minister Edvin Kristaq Rama and Foreign Affairs Minister Ditmir Bushati, that was re-elected in June 2017, the Open Society Foundations now control every sector of Albanian politics and deeply influence the so-called reforms of the judiciary which are totally run by Soros’s trusted allies in Tirana. That influence spills over into Albania’s sister republic in the Balkans, Bosnia-Herzegovina, where Soros’s main contact is Zlatko Lagumdzija, the former president of that country’s Social Democratic party.

It is a fact that Albania has no free civil society, media or television channels: it has become the backyard of George Soros in Europe. During the last five years, Albania has become a biomedical lab where its population and rogue regime have been tested in the very same way as Ivan Pavlov’s conducted experiments on the salivation in dogs during the 1890s.  It is sad to admit that the people of Albania are being used like experimental lab rats so that Soros can show to the world what he can do with weak governments and malnourished nations.

George Soros’s influence at the U.S. Embassy in Tirana began during the tenure of Ambassador Alexander A. Arvizu (2010-2015), who was nominated by then-president Barack Obama. Unfortunately, the deeply ingrained influence of Soros in the American embassy, UNICEF’s office in Tirana, the embassy of the Netherlands, and the Delegation of the European Union has continued during the last five years under U.S. Ambassador Donald Lu. Under Lu's watch, many protesters against the United States and Israel have been publicly recognized by the American embassy, while the popularity of United States and Israel among Albanians has drastically fallen to below 88 percent during that time.

According to Dr. Altin Goxhaj, an attorney at law, Libra a short lived Political Party established by Ben Blushi in 2016, is simply a brain child of George Soros. Furthermore, Goxhaj emphasizes: “Soros, on the sidelines of his wedding ceremony in 2013, met with newly-elected Prime Minister Rama and negotiated the shipment of non-recyclable toxic waste to be deposited in Albania.” Thanks to massive peaceful protests spontaneously organized by Albanian citizens in the streets of Tirana in 2016, however, that project did not come to fruition. Moreover, unbeknownst to much of the outside world and many Albanians, more than thirty containers filled with nuclear waste have been secretly deposited at rural sites in Albania. Prime Minister Rama's secret dealings with Soros's associates have caused much harm to Albania's ecosystem, while the number of deaths caused by cancer and brain tumors has skyrocketed during his tenure.

According to Dr. Goxhaj: in 2017, under Soros’s influence, the Embassy of Albania at the United Nations in New York brought together emissaries of Israel and Palestine without letting each side of the other’s attendance. As a result, a major argument erupted due to this ill-advised move by Albania's puerile diplomats, who are led by Foreign Minister Bushati, a Socialist politician who has been in Soros's back pocket for many years and continues to tarnish Albania’s image abroad.  On many of his international tours, Mr. Bushati has ill informed his interlocutors and attempted to distort the positive, consistent image that Mr. Ilir Meta (Albania’s incumbent President and former National Assembly Speaker) has rightfully garnered and secured an admirable reputation in the International Arena.

Thanks to Soros’s generosity, Ditzi Bushati has received a university degree and postgraduate education, but he is not the only cabinet member in Albania's current government to have pursued education abroad and opened fake non-governmental organization with tremendous support from Soros. Over the last five years, Bushati has joined an elite club that dominates Albanian media, government, and academia. These include: Erjon Veliaj, the current mayor of Tirana who is preparing to run for prime minister; Arben Ahmetaj, the current Minister of Finance and Economy, who has no degree in economics; Blendi Fevziu (a.k.a. Blendi Bregasi), who is well known for his lavish lifestyle in Tirana’s exclusive suburbs and expensive foreign travel; Aleksander Frangaj, the director and founder of TV KLAN; and Henri Cili, the founder of the European University of Tirana, who has received over $5 million from Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

Soros is the main reason why Albania has become a major producer of marijuana in the heart of Europe. Drug trafficking and marijuana plantations have been operating under the strict control and guidance of Prime Minister Rama and his close associates. As if that were not enough, Albania has emerged as the main bridge for Colombia's cocaine shipments into Europe. Earlier this year, a shipment of 615 kilos of cocaine was seized at Durrës, a chaotic resort town on the shore of the Adriatic.  Other influential ministers or ex ministers, connected to Soros are Blendi Çuçi and Delina Fico, Rama’s ex-wife. Fico has received $9 million from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to establish new non-governmental organizations. She is a staunch supporter of Soros and currently married to Çuçi -- a former Minister in Rama’s cabinet.

Minister of Public Health Ogerta Manastirliu facilitates healthcare concessions acquired by Rama’s former minister of public health, Ilir Beqja, who is earning more than 13 million euros per year due to those concessions.  All of these suspicious affairs, covered with a mantel of corruption, anarchy and nepotism, are hitting hard the Albanian society, micro-economy and shattering the overall wellbeing of Albanian people.

The State Department must take immediate action to reverse this situation in the heart of the Balkans. It must start by putting into place better screening of the Albanian personnel working at the American embassy in Tirana who have been affiliated with US Diplomats for many years despite their deep ties with Albania’s former communist government.  

Spero News contributor Peter Tase is an international business consultant.

Note: Some of the Information provided here is the result of various interviews conducted by the author with a number of sources in Tirana, Albania (April 2018).




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