According to constitutional law expert Alan Dershowitz, while FBI agents are allowed to have political bias, “where I draw the line,” he said, is to aim at influencing an investigation. Speaking on “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo,” Dershowitz condemned FBI agent Peter Strzok for texting his paramour, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, about stopping the Trump presidency. Show host Maria Bartiromo interviewed the famed attorney about last week's release of a report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz of the Department of Justice into the FBI handling of its investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of an non-secure private email server for her classified communications whilst serving as secretary of state during the Obama administration.

“FBI agents are allowed to be biased,” Dershowitz said. “They're allowed to support political candidates. That's part of the law. Where I draw the line is when an FBI agent says ‘we'll stop him.’

Dershowitz said, “That's not an expression of bias. That's not saying who we're going to vote for. That sends a message to the American people that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is going to interfere in an election, in an effort to try to stop the election of one candidate rather than the other.”

Dershowitz, who is a professor emeritus of Harvard Law, said that Strzok’s vow to stop Trump was reason enough for his dismissal from the FBI. “I don't understand how Strzok can remain an FBI agent after saying, ‘we'll stop that, we'll stop him from being president,’” Dershowitz said. ““That to me is where the red line was crossed. When he said ‘we need an insurance policy,’ ‘I support her,’ you're entitled to support a candidate if you're an FBI agent. But you're not allowed to try to use your office to stop somebody from being elected president of the United States.”





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