UPDATE: The FBI identified Dylann Roof, 21, as a suspect in the shooting at Charleston's Emanuel A.M.E. Church that killed nine on June 17.
Police in Charleston SC continue their search for a man suspected of carrying out a mass murder at Emanuel Methodist Episcopal Church on the evening of June 17. The culprit was spotted in a surveillance camera video. He is described as a white male, aged 20-25, wearing dark trousers and a grey sweatshirt. The suspect sat for nearly an hour in the historic church before opening fire, killing the pastor and eight others. Before leaving the scene of the crime, he spared the life of one woman who he told to bear testimony to the world of his crime.
The niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who is herself a leader in the prolife and civil rights movements, called for calm and prayer. Alveda King said, according to a June 18 news release, "This isn't time for violent riots or race baiting. It's time for prayer and leadership. Officials at all levels, mayor, police, governor, National Guard, congress, president need to pray and enforce peace and justice." 
"By the way, evil knows no color. My grandmother Alberta King was shot down and killed by a crazed black man while playing the organ in Ebenezer Church in Atlanta in 1974. My mother Naomi King, Daddy AD's wife was in the ambulance with BigMama when she died. We didn't riot, we prayed. Decisive prayerful and positive action is needed now! Granddaddy King said pray and forgive. "
"Pray, don't riot. People are being slaughtered in the womb, in their beds, and, for God's sake, while worshipping in church. This isn't just about race. It's time for the human race of Acts 17:26 to PRAY FOR AMERICA!"
The U.S. Department of Justice is assisting the Charleston police department in apprehending the culprit in what is now being called a hate crime. Pastor Clementa Pinckney, who was killed in the incident, was also a member of the South Carolina state senate. He was the youngest African-American ever elected to the legislature. The state legislature is planning to pay tribute to their colleague today in session.



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