A police officer’s body-cam showed dramatic scenes of his confrontation yesterday with a murder suspect in Glendale, Ohio. The video shows 46-year-old Javier Alemán wielding a knife. Prosecutors say that he begged the officer to kill him. Alemán asked the officer more than 40 times to be sent into the next world.
What Officer Josh Hilling did not know at the time was that Alemán is a suspect in a stabbing murder case in Baltimore County, Maryland. Baltimore County Police Cpl. John Wachter said today that Aleman is wanted for the killing of Victor Adolfo Serrano, 51. Serrano was stabbed multiply in Baltimore County and pronounced dead at the scene. Police have not released a motive for Serrano's death.
According to  Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, Officer Hilling (31) deserves a medal for his handling of Alemán. “He showed remarkable restraint in the confrontation of an individual who was clearly armed,” Deters said.
The video shows Officer Hilling approaching Alemán, who was walking along the side of Interstate 75. When Alemán asks the officer directions to Cincinnati, Hilling tells he that walking alongside the highway is prohibited. The officer also asked other questions.
After about 90 seconds of an exchange between the two, the officer told Alemán that he is about to get a pat-down. That was when Alemán drew a sizeable knife and threatens Hilling. The officer can been seen drawing his service pistol at the suspect, while Alemán starts begging “Kill me! Kill me now!”
The threatened officer finally fires his pistol at Alemán, striking him in the mid-section. The blast knocked Alemán to the ground.  When Hilling calls to report the shooting, Alemán got up from the ground and began approaching him again, knife in hand. Alemán said “I’m going to kill you.”
Alemán continued to approach as the officer shouted to Aleman to “Get down!” repeatedly, and “stay down.” It was not until Hilling stopped Alemán with a Taser that the suspect stayed put. Alemán was taken for treatment at a local hospital.
Hilling is not facing charges.



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