Famed Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz dismissed claims that allege President Donald Trump committed campaign finance violations by paying $100,000 each to Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels to conceal affairs with the two women. Dershowitz told Fox News show host Tucker Carlson, “It is absolutely textbook extortion,” adding, “There ought to be a prosecution of any person — man or woman — who approaches any candidate or anybody else and says, ‘Unless you pay me money, I’m going to reveal a sex act that occurred.’ That is absolute classic extortion.”

Speaking on Monday night, Dershowitz said, “It is shocking that the Special Counsel — who has a broad mandate — isn’t looking into the extortion committed by the porn star [Stormy Daniels], whose lawyer obviously approached the candidate and threatened exposure. Just listen to the tape.” Dershowitz is the author of the bestselling, “The Case Against Impeaching Trump.”

Dershowitz went on to say, “The tape [that Michael Cohen made] makes that clear. It is clear that they were paying off extortion in order to prevent these issues from coming out for multiple reasons: to protect his family, and to protect his brand, and the campaign. Let’s remember one more thing: The president can contribute to a candidate as much as he wants.”

Dershowitz explained: “If [Michael] Bloomberg runs for president, he could announce tomorrow, ‘I’m not taking a nickel. I’m putting $1 billion of my own money into this campaign.’ That is perfectly legitimate.”

“As far as reporting is concerned, it is the campaign that has to report [these contributions]. And if [Trump’s] payments [to his one-night stands] had to be reported, they had to be reported after the election. The reporting time was after the election — so it could not have impacted the election.

Last week, Dershowitz told Carlson on the show that alleged contacts on Cohen’s part with Russians can only be criminal if, hypothetically, Trump or Cohen had offered to Russian leader Vladimir Putin a penthouse apartment at the top of the proposed Trump tower in Moscow in exchange for a building permit. Dershowitz predicted that the forthcoming report by special counsel Robert Mueller will set out a “circumstantial case, based on all the lying that’s taking place, for arguably political sins. But I don’t see any crime. Collusion itself is not a crime. Using information given by Russia to Wikileaks is not a crime unless [Trump’s] campaign participated with Wikileaks in the hacking itself. And there is no evidence of that.”

“What I am afraid is going to happen is that this special counsel, whose job it is only to find crimes not sins, is going to blur the line between crimes and sins and submit a report designed to put the president in a bad light. But in the end they won’t be able to find any specific violation of any federal criminal statute unless they stretch these vague laws like ‘obstruction of justice’ beyond recognition.”



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