Breaking down in tears several times while being interviewed by CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, Antonio LeGrier recounted how his 19-year-old son was shot to death by a Chicago police officer over the December 26-27 weekend. LeGrier said that he had called for help from the police, having concluded that the law would be better able to handle the situation than himself. His son, Quintonio LeGrier, was aggressively banging on his door with a baseball bat. Antonio LeGrier told his downstairs neighbor, Bettie Jones, to not open the door to his son until the arrival of the police.
In the December 29 interview, the senior LeGrier wept repeatedly when he described how the incident unfolded once police arrived on the scene. When LeGrier repeatedly broke down in tears, Baldwin went to a commercial break. When they returned, LeGrier spoke with evident emotion about the shooting and why he has decided to sue the city of Chicago.
LeGrier’s wrongful death lawsuit against Chicago makes the claim that Quintonio LeGrier “never posed a danger of threat or harm.” It claims that police did not provide medical care to his son after he was shot. Attorney Basileios Foutris, who is of counsel to LeGrier, said “There was no way he was posing a threat to the officer. He didn’t have a gun. He didn’t have a knife. He certainly didn’t have any kind of a weapon that could have presented a threat to an officer who was 20, 30 feet away.”
In the incident, Bettie Jones was also shot death in the moments after the arrival of the police.
Chicago's Chief of Detectives released a statement claiming that police officers had been “confronted by a combative individual” in the domestic disturbance. The incident is currently under investigation. Chicago's police department is under scrutiny as protesters have been demanding more accountability. 



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