The newly hired  outreach director to the Jewish community at Sen. Bernie Sanders' campaign wrote a post about Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu condemning him for mass murder.
In a Facebook post full of expletives, Simone Zimmerman wrote last year, “Bibi Netanyahu is an arrogant, deceptive, cynical, manipulative asshole.”  For good measure, she added on March 3, 2015 post. “Fuck you, Bibi … you sanctioned the murder of over 2,000 people this summer.” Zimmerman formerly worked for the leftist J Street website, which is frequently critical of Israel and its military. Zimmerman later edited her Facebook post and replaced “asshole” with “politician” and “Fuck you” with “shame on you.”  Zimmerman is said by the Free Beacon website to have a history of involvement with the so-called leftist BDS movement that has called for boycotting, disinvesting, and sanctioning Israel as a means of forcing it bend to Palestinian claims.
Sanders, a declared democratic Socialist who is running against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party's nomination, has gotten into hot water with supporters of Israel and American policy towards the Middle East. For example, Sanders refused an invitation to speak at the annual conference of the American Israeli PAC (AIPAC), where Donald Trump among other candidates spoke. Zimmerman condemned Hillary Clinton's speech to the AIPAC conference as “racist and orientalist.”
Zimmerman headed the campus chapter of J Street while studying at UC-Berkeley. In 2015, she promoted a play called Martyr’s Street, which compared an Israeli settler to a Hamas bomb-maker. During her undergraduate studies, she signed a letter criticizing the University of California for its report about anti-Semitism on its campuses. 
Zimmerman was raised in the Jewish faith, has a great-grandparent who survived the Holocaust, and has visited Israel several times. 



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