A Project Veritas video -- the fourth in a series on political campaigns -- recorded staff members working for incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill’s campaign who revealed how Planned Parenthood delivers substantial contributions through intermediaries so as to not alienate moderate and pro-life voters. In a press release, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas Action said, “Politicians are notorious for saying one thing during an election and then doing something entirely different once they are in office. Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri has turned that practice into an art form.”

An undercover journalist spoke with McCaskill campaign staffer Nicholas Starost, who alleges that Planned Parenthood does not outwardly support the campaign to avoid alienating moderate voters:

STAROST: “… Planned Parenthood will never donate money to Claire [McCaskill] even though she’s very pro-choice. because they don’t want to ostracize those pro-life democrats that might not vote for her, if there’s Planned Parenthood funding her.”

JOURNALIST: “So, they just, they just funnel it through Emily’s List?”

STAROST: “Probably. They go through other means to get us that money.”

Starost continued, saying Planned Parenthood “…put[s] it through like different organizations.” He added that most voters would not figure out this source of McCaskill’s campaign funds:

STAROST:  “Unless they go like deep, deep, deep down into a campaign, like finance. Which most people just do not.”

When asked if the Democrat’s intent was to obtain political contributions without disclosing Planned Parenthood’s name, Starost says, “Yup… It’s f***ing beautiful… It’s great when it works for us and not against us.”

The video also reveals that McCaskill campaign staffer Grace Richardson corroborates Starost’s allegation that the Planned Parenthood contribution scheme is to protect McCaskill’s appeal to moderates:

JOURNALIST: “So, I’m still trying to wrap my head around that, that… thing Nick [Starost] was talking about the other day, that Planned Parenthood won’t donate to us.”

RICHARDSON: “Oh yeah.”

JOURNALIST: “I don’t understand why, I don’t get it.”

RICHARDSON: “I think it’s the same with Obama not endorsing any red state democrats, it’s so like…  It’s so that that democrat isn’t coming off as too leftist establishment.”

Even though Planned Parenthood is not publicly supporting Senator McCaskill,  Richardson says, McCaskill will still “100%” work to support abortion rights.

RICHARDSON: “Yeah I think it’s like a tactic that’s to like make them not too far left to try to get the moderate voters.”

JOURNALIST: “But we’re still going to support abortion, right?”

RICHARDSON: “Yes. Yeah, 100%. It’s more of like them not… They go through other means to support and give money…”

Project Veritas recorded others who work on McCaskill’s campaign: Melissa Balke and Darcy Becker also described Planned Parenthood’s contributions:

JOURNALIST: “Grace was telling me that while we don’t take donations from Planned Parenthood, we take donations from Planned Parenthood.”

BALKE: “Indirectly.” 

BECKER: So it’s not that they don’t support Claire, it’s because of… They know it’s a tough state to win for a Democrat, and they don’t want to hurt her chances of winning it by donating money. Cause even some moderate Dems are pro-life. And even those Republicans that are gonna vote for Claire, cause they’re pretty moderate, she could lose them if Planned Parenthood donated money to her.”

Becker said that Planned Parenthood intentionally makes its contributions indirectly to  McCaskill “… because they know it could hurt [her] in the election.” Becker also believes Planned Parenthood doesn’t “…want to hurt her chances of getting those lean GOPs and the undecided [voters.]”

Balke and Carson Pope, another campaign staffer, said that McCaskill is not as moderate as she pretends to be:

JOURNALIST: “You were saying that you think [Senator McCaskill is] more progressive than she lets on?”

POPE: “Yeah.”

BALKE: “I think so too. I think she’s a lot more open-minded to taking like alternative routes to things but she can’t be open about that.”

JOURNALIST: “Why not?”

POPE: “Because this is a 19-point Trump state.”

BALKE: “Because she would completely isolate the moderate Republicans.” 



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