Judaism, Zionism and the Land of Israel by Rabbi Yotav Eliach engraves a comprehensive and well documented history of Eretz Yisrael, that is, in my opinion, required reading for all those who want to truly understand andappreciate what Zionism and the Land of Israel mean to the Jewish Nation. Rabbi Eliach skillfully presents the continuing drama of Israel’s struggle| with its neighbors in such a gripping manner, it is hard to put the book down until you finish the last page.

Not only does this book trace the religious relationships of the three major faiths to the Land of Israel, it also serves as a scholarly primer on International Law. Thus, any conscientious law student may appreciate the intricate and delicate problems at hand. Spiritually uplifting and vastly informative, this book is simply what books should be-- a great read. Be forewarned--it is a heavy volume, weighing in at over 800 pages. But that took is what makes this volume a staple for any library, personal or academic.

Constitutional attorney Alan Dershowitz wrote of this book: "The case for Israel  must  be  made anew in every generation and to every audience. Rabbi Eliach has been making the  case  to generations  of  high  school  students. Now he brings his insights and experience to a general public that is desperately in need of history and current realities."

Historian Edwin Black, wrote, "A dramatic and incisive journey into Jewish and  Zionist history that will uplift any reader -  academic or religious -  into a new understanding of Israel and its place in our history--and our future."  

And commentator Martin Barillas summed up the accomplishment as "the fruit of a lifetime of study and teaching." I found none of those were exaggerations.

Martin E. Ritholtz is a retired Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York. He writes for The Cutting Edge News.



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