Speaking at a bilateral press conference that featured Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that it is “unlikely” that he will consent to an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller. He reiterated that there was "no collusion" between his presidential campaign and Russia. When pressed by a reporter about a possible interview with Mueller, Trump responded, “We’ll see what happens,” and added, “When they have no collusion … it seems unlikely that you’d even have an interview.”

Over the January 6-7 weekend, Trump appeared to be open to an interview, saying at Camp David: "It's sort of like, when you've done nothing wrong, let's be open and get it over with." In June, he told another reporter whether he would be willing to speak to Mueller under oath about his interactions with former-FBI Director James Comey, Trump said, "I would be glad to tell him exactly what I just told you."

Trump sought to draw media attention to 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while she served as Barack Obama’s secretary of state. Trump said, "When you talk about interviews, Hillary Clinton had an interview where she wasn't sworn in, she wasn't given the oath, they didn't take notes, they didn't record and it was done on the Fourth of July weekend. That's, perhaps, ridiculous, a lot of people looked at that as a very serious breach." he said.

In July 2016, Comey told Congress that the FBI's interview with Clinton was not recorded and that she did not swear an oath to tell the truth. Comey said that it is a crime to lie to the FBI regardless of whether an oath was taken and that FBI policy is not to record interviews. The FBI subsequently released notes from the Clinton interview.

As to the continuing accusations by Democrats over supposed collusion between Russia and his election campaign apparatus and officials, Trump said, "There was absolutely no collusion, everybody knows it. I've been in office for 11 months, for 11 months they've had this phony cloud over this administration, over our government, and it has hurt our government." He said, "It is a Democrat hoax that was brought up as an excuse for losing an election that frankly the Democrats should have won because they have such a tremendous advantage in the Electoral College." 

When Prime Minister Solberg was asked to comment about the Russia probe, she said, "I think that it's up to every political system and country to scrutinize and discuss their own political agenda in their countries, and I respect that very much, and that this is an issue for American politics."



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