Pat Boone, famed singer and entertainer, doubled-down in his criticisms of the producers of the Saturday Night Live program for its parody of his latest film, God’s Not Dead 2.
Liberals and progressives were unstinting in lampooning the 81-year-old Boone, who holds an unsurpassed record for topping the pop music charts in the 1950s and was a pioneer in television entertainment. Referring to the producer of SNL, Boon asked: “I’d like to ask Lorne Michaels: If somebody did a funny sketch and portrayed his mother as a diseased whore, would he find that funny?"
Fellow evangelical Christian and former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee came out in support of the beloved Boone. “I’m not surprised about the backlash against Pat. Any time you defend anything from a Christian perspective, there’s extraordinary pushback. I’ve experienced it, and now Pat has, too,” Huckabee told The Hollywood Reporter.
“I’ve been on SNL. I get it. It’s parody. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s not,” Huckabee said. “But in essence, what SNL says is that you’re free to express an opinion if you’re in agreement with the left, and with those who run the networks and film studios, but if you disagree with them it’s hate speech that should be shut down.” He added, “I’m not calling for a boycott of SNL. I’m calling for a ‘buycott’ of the movie. Buy a ticket, see it for yourself, then see if the SNL parody is fair or mean-spirited.”
On SNL, the skit that lampooned “God’s Not Dead, 2” served as a trailer for a film SNL touts as “God is a Boob Man.” In Boone’s film, a public school teacher played by actress Melissa Joan Hart is threatened with losing her job and license for having quoted Scripture in her classroom. However, in SNL’s fake movie, a woman is forced by a court to say “God is gay.”
Boone is outspoken about his Christian faith. He told The Hollywood Reporter that SNL’s skit was “diabolical” and that the program has become “too filthy” to watch. Homosexual websites and leftist media have pilloried Boone for his views. Saying that SNL constantly attacks Christians instead of Muslims, he also said on April 18 “There’s nothing sacred at SNL — except maybe the words ‘Mohammad’ or ‘Allah.’ They’d never take those names in vain.” 

Trailer for God is Not Dead 2


Saturday Night Live spoof: God is a Boob Man



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