Tucker Carlson asks what animates UK hostility to whites, Christians

politics | Mar 14, 2018 | By Martin Barillas

Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed Katie Hopkins -- a former columnist of the British Daily Mail newspaper on Tuesday. He has for her reaction to the barring of three alt-right activists from entry to the UK over the March 10-12 weekend. Carlson said to Hopkins that “only a country that really hates itself, its heritage, its own people, would act like this.” He went on to assert that Christians are being denied entry into the UK “in favor of ISIS members.” Carlson asked, “What animates this?”

In their exchange, Hopkins described the current political climate in the United Kingdom. " There's this pervasive thought that is spread amongst Liberals, the Labour Party, Democrats, and Conservatives. We have a Conservative government in power, you wouldn’t believe it. It seems to be that being white is considered wrong. Being Christian is considered wrong. Trump is wrong,” she said. 

Hopkins, who is controversial in her native country, went on to say, “There’s a list of right answers. To be Islamic is right. To welcome back jihadis is right. We shouldn’t prosecute them, we should embrace them. And it is really getting to a point here in the UK where we’re up there on the endangered species list.”

Hopkins continued: “To be a white, Christian conservative woman like myself, I’m right up there on the endangered, you know, animals list, up there with the black rhino and the black rhinos got an advantage because he’s black.”

Carlson responded, saying, “The UK is a democracy, purportedly. You still get to vote there, for the time being.”

Currently, the World Wide Fund for Nature lists the black rhino as “critically endangered.”



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