Supporters of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders tend to be more skeptical of American military adventurism than their counterparts who support Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton. According to a Pew poll, even though Democrats and Republicans may find themselves diametrically opposed on most issues, there appears to be commonality among some of them about the prosecution of warfare.
The Pew study showed that only 25 percent of Cruz voters and 28 percent of Clinton voters say “U.S. global involvement makes things worse.” Among Trump supporters, the study found that 38 percent hold that view, while 45 percent of Sanders supporters take the same view. In another area of shared interest, overwhelming majorities of voters for all five remaining presidential candidates think Social Security payments should stay where they are. This is despite calls by Gov. John Kasich and Cruz to gradually raise the retirement age while also reducing other benefits.
The Pew poll also found great disparities in other areas. For example, only 27 percent of Trump voters say “free trade is good” for the United States. Among Cruz voters, this number stands at 48 percent. Among Sanders voters it is 55 percent, and 58 percent among Clinton voters.
Trump supporters have higher levels of anger directed at the government than other candidates. Among Trump voters, 50 percent are angry, as opposed to 6 percent among Clinton voters and 13 percent among those supporting Sanders. Also, Trump supporters are more likely to say that immigrants are a burden: at 69 percent.
As to proposals for subjecting Muslim immigrants to greater scrutiny, 22 percent of Clinton supporters want more scrutiny as opposed to 12 percent of Sanders voters. Among those for Trump, 64 percent support greater scrutiny. And among Sanders supporters, 91 percent believe the American “economic system favors powerful interests”; on the other end of the scale, just 45 percent of Cruz supporters believe the same.



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Spero News writer Martin Barillas is a former US diplomat, who also worked as a democracy advocate and election observer in Latin America. His first novel 'Shaken Earth', is available at Amazon.

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