The DCLeaks organization has released of leaked documents that show that billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundations spent $1.8 million in an effort to combat Europe’s fears about the influx of foreign Muslims, including those from war-torn Somalia. There are among the documents solicitations for funding various political and ethnic organizations in the United States, too, which seek to increase the influx of immigrants to this country.
According to the Open Society documents released by DCLeaks, Somalians are especially targeted for discrimination in Europe. They contend that Somalian are among the ten groups of immigrants most subject to discrimination in Europe. Open Society contends that the most salient issue to address is the negative image Somalians have in the media, rather than issues such as over-burdened social welfare programs and taxpayers.

Hear no evil, see no evil

“Political and media coverage of Somalis was largely negative, focusing on piracy, terrorism, FGM, and abuse of the welfare system,” the report states. According to the report, Somali males have gained this reputation because of racial discrimination. There has been considerable media coverage of piracy and wanton murder along the coastline of the Horn of Africa, where Somalian criminals waylay merchant ships by armed assault in order to demand ransom for the crews and cargo they take hostage. These assaults have only been stemmed by the coordinated efforts of various navies.  to the report. In Europe, there have been cases of human trafficking and sexual assaults that have been published by the media.
One case that galvanized German opinion was the murder of Alexandra Mezher: a social worker who served in a facility for unaccompanied refugee minors. She was killed by a Somalian man who had posed as a minor. He avoided jail time after a psychiatric analysis deemed him unfit for incarceration and thus remanded to a psych ward.

Europe is no longer Europe

The Open Society Foundations favor mass migration into Europe and the United States. A report states, “The recent refugee ‘crisis’ has been notable in its utter failure to understand that Europe is no longer a continent of emigration but one where immigration has been a fact for the last 60 years.” It further claims that “The surge of arrivals has exposed the gap between everyday multi-cultural living in European cities and the rhetoric of its politicians who deny that diversity is a reality.”
Funding for the Somali migrant projects came to about $1.8 million dollars and is distributed among various smaller non-governmental organizations, as well as direct advocacy groups and experts who write reports favorable to migrants. In the report, the author noted that the Open Society Foundations had been able influence the BBC in Leicester, England: “Sept 2014: Interview with BBC Radio Leicester leading to a commitment by the station to improve Somali representation in the media.” To further influence media coverage and thus public opinion, Open Society gave $25,000 to the Media Trust to provide training and jobs for Somali reporters in local media.
This year, the BBC broadcast a Somalian radio play that gave advice for migrants thinking about entering Europe illegally. It received millions of pounds of British taxpayer funding. Critics say that it may have been inspired by Open Society’s efforts to polish the image of Somalian migrants.
The Soros Open Society Foundations have been busy in the United States, too. Documents leaked by DCLeaks showed that it was successful in influencing policy and lawmaking, including federal budget priorities. It also showed how it spent millions targeting specific media personalities such as Fox News’ Lou Dobbs. 

Social and systemic change

In another document leaked by DCLeaks, a forecast of funding for 2011 from Open Society’s Democracy and Power Fund showed significant amounts of money going to organizations pressing for changes to immigration laws and regulation, as well as social welfare projects. The document noted the purpose of the fund: “The Democracy and Power Fund expands on OSI's longtime support of efforts that inspire and motivate people of color, young people, immigrants, and low-income communities. The fund invests in multi-issue advocacy and organizing that expand access to democracy for all and build power for lasting social and systemic change.”
To bring about “social and systemic change,” the fund provided $1.85 million to “catalyze youth organizing and leadership development” by building a “new generation of people of color and immigrant leaders through youth engagement, organizing, and leadership development.” Another $800,000 was to go to support “cultural organizing and new media advocacy innovation,” to inspire “social justice advocacy through support for organizations that use cultural organizing, online engagement, and creative use of new media.”
The other goals explained in just one of a series of categories receiving more than $12 million included:
Expand grassroots organizing, base-building, and non-partisan voter engagement: $4.85 million
Support innovative ideas and policy generation $3.1 million
Build state-based social justice capacity and power $2.4 million
Lead grantees to accomplish these goals included:
Center for Community Change
Democracia USA
PICO Interfaith Organizing Network
State Voices
Youth Voter Engagement Fund.
The document noted that the Center for Community Change played “a central policy and field role in advancing the historic health care reform victory.” It said that the Youth Voter Engagement Fund built a “coalition of 35 youth organizations” to encourage voting by young people.
Other grantees included: Center for American Progress, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Economic Policy Institute, Partnership for Working Families, and the Roosevelt Institute. The Open Society document said that the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities “played critical advocacy role in the 2010 budget fight,” which represented “the most significant anti-poverty advances passed in decades.”

$13 million to influence immigration debate

Other grantees included: Citizen Engagement Lab (Color Of Change and Presenté), and Voto Latino. The document said that Citizen Engagement Lab, via Presenté, “played a leading role in efforts to take away Lou Dobbs' anti-immigrant platform on CNN.”
As for immigrant issues, it noted that following grantees: America's Voice, Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Four Freedoms Fund, Mexican American Legal Defense Fund, National Immigrant Law Center, and National Immigration Forum. “Achievements: Removal of five-year waiting period of legal immigrant children and pregnant women to receive health care benefits.” Spero News columnist Stephanie Block has documented, in numerous articles and several books, such as Organizing the Culture of Death, the connections between Alinskyian organizations such as PICO that utilize churches, synagogues, and faith communities as springboards for socialist agitation. 
Other grantees included: NAACP, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, National Council of La Raza, Asian American Justice Center, Leadership Committee for Civil Rights, and the Native American Rights Fund. The achievements included:
"Supreme Court declined to find Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 unconstitutional."
"U.S. federal government agreed to pay $3.4 billion to settle a claim of government mismanagement of American Indian trust accounts."
Funding was at $13 million.



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