President Viktor Orban of Hungary, who is often compared to Donald Trump, praised the American president-elect while addressing his countrymen on Christmas. Orban, who deflected thousands of refugees away from Hungary while they headed towards Germany, insisted that the European Union must change. While reflecting on the recent terrorist attack in Berlin that claimed 12 lives, Orban told his fellow Hungarians, "It is unprecedented that in the heart of Europe, Christians were murdered at Christmas."
He added, “It’s clear that, in the case of migration, nothing can remain the way it was before." As for European Union authorities who have countenanced the influx of more than 1 million mostly Muslim refugees and migrants over the last 18 months, Orban said:  “Brussels needs to change, migrants who entered Europe illegally must be deported, the borders need to be protected and the inflow of migrants has to be eliminated.”
Moreover, Orban said that the election of Donald Trump in the United States signals a coming year of significant change. “A year ago no one would have believed that the UK would withdraw from the European Union, or that Americans would reject the Clinton clan. Hungary is a stable island in the turbulent Western world because the people were consulted on their opinions here, and we defended the country against illegal immigration. This will continue in 2017, which will be the year of revolt for European democracy.”
Voters, said Orban, must seek to prevent the "Sovietization" of the European Union. 
Days ago, Orban praised Trump for heralding a "rebellion." In an interview with Hungarian news site, Orban praised Trump's "self-made man mentality.” He defined the phenomenon thus: “Self-made figures are people who themselves are successful, who do not begin a sentence with ‘I know people,’ but say, ‘I’ve done that.’ ”
When he was asked whether the extraordinary events of 2016, which have included Trump's election and Britain's vote to leave the European Union, will continue into 2017, Orban said  “I am convinced that 2017 will be a year of rebellion. Whether they [the globalists] put down the rebellion or not, that’s another story.” Pointing out the victory of Italy's opposition and the defeat of Norbert Hofer in Austria, he said there is evidence that sentiments of revolt are growing. “Next year will be elections in Germany, the Netherlands, France. A lot of things can happen,” he said. There are two rebellions, Orban said: a revolt of the working and middle classes and the other is  “a kind of national rebellion." Advocates of the European Union, Orban said, are encroaching on national sovereignty by resorting to granting asylum to migrants. “All of this is surrounded by political correctness, containment, intellectual rebellion against stigma. The rebellion started in 2016, will be even more enhanced in the future. Therefore, I say that 2017 will be a year of rebellion,” he said.



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