Piers Morgan, a veteran British journalist and commenter who previously appeared on CNN, pointed the finger at who he says is to blame for the deaths at Umpqua Community College on October 1. While it is currently Chris Harper-Mercer who is said by police to be the shooter who took nine lives in a shooting spree, Morgan sought to go further. Even so, Morgan did start with his fellow Briton “There’s the shooter himself, obviously; a pathetic, spotty, bespectacled, anxious, friendless, screwed-up weirdo named…oh forget it, I won’t give this horrible little b*****d any more recognition.. who couldn’t get a girl, hated everyone, and LOVED guns.”
Morgan wrote, “We could blame politicians in Washington. Frankly, a more cowardly, self-serving bunch of people it would be hard to find anywhere in the world when it comes to fighting this issue.” The current Chief Executive also came under scrutiny: “We could blame President Obama. A man who has now served for six years in the White House and who has made, by his own admission, public on-camera statements about 15 mass shootings in his tenure. Each time, Obama frowns, he scowls, he grits his teeth, he feigns a tear or two, and he bangs on about how America must do something to stop these massacres. But what has he actually achieved? Nothing.”  By Morgan’s count, Obama has done “zilch” to about 15 mass shootings despite seeing “exactly the same thing happening again and again and again.” 
To make his point, Morgan said that if the president truly wants gun control, he can prioritize it as he did with healthcare. 
So who to blame the most?
“The National Rifle Association is responsible for America’s appalling culture of violence,” opined the former CNN talking-head who now writes for The Daily Mail.
It is the NRA and leader Wayne LaPierre, said Morgan, who are responsible for “America’s appalling culture of violence,” and who don’t care about who many people die and “get blown to pieces.” This “invidious, vile, greedy, callous, selfish, brutal, uncompromising, and nasty lobby group,” wrote Morgan, cares “solely about selling guns and ammunition because it is directly financed by the billion-dollar gun manufacturers.”
Referring to NRA President LaPierre as “sinister,” Morgan said that the organization cons and cajoles, bullies and threatens, lies and smears. It has no interest in stopping gun massacres, because they are good for business.” Moving on to the tragedy at the Umpqua Community College, Morgan opined, “The blood of those poor students in Oregon will mean yet more gun sales, yet more money pouring into the NRA and yet more massacres. This sickening cycle will continue until enough decent Americans rise up and say: ENOUGH. What the **** are you all waiting for?”



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