Slow-Motion: Was the McDonald's beating self-defense?

crime | Oct 16, 2011 | By Spero News

A cashier at a McDonald's in New York City beat two female customers with a metal rod after they jumped the counter and threatened him.

A customer filmed the event from a nearby table.

The disturbing video shows the two women cursing at the cashier. After a commotion one of them slapped him. He hit back and ran to the back where the food is cooked and prepared. While he ran, the two women jumped the counter and ran towards him. He then reappered with a metal rod aloft in his hands and struck both of them. They immediately fell to the ground. One of them tried to crawl away. While she was crawling, he chased her and struck her as they pleaded for him to stop.

As they lay wounded on the floor, a customer in front of the counter was yelling for him to stop and a co-worker approached him and asked him to calm down. Then one of the wounded women tried to rise and he struck her twice. Another co-worker approached him and also asked him to calm down.

While the customer who filmed the video focused on the woman screaming for him to stop the assault, the cashier may have struck one of the wounded women two more times. The two co-workers again asked him to calm down and then were seen quickly backing away from him.

The video ends with the cashier, still holding the rod, looking over the women laying on the floor.

The two women at the Greenwhich Village, Manhattan location were hospitalized. One has a fractured skull and a broken arm. The other has a laceration.

The cashier was arrested and charged with felony assault.



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