Following demonstrations in Cologne condemning the New Year’s Eve mass sexual assaults on women by North Africa and Middle Eastern immigrants, Hamburg is the latest German city to report similar attacks. In Hamburg, police of the northern city reported that they are looking to 133 cases of sexual assaults by migrants committed on New Year’s Eve. The assaults occurred on Reeperbahn – a popular street in the North Sea noted otherwise for frivolity and celebrations. 
So far, police have not identified any alleged perpetrators. However, the women who were victimized said that their assailants were “African, Arab, or south European appearance”, a police spokesman said. “It can of course be possible that the perpetrators belong to one group, but at the moment, the descriptions are different,” said the spokesman when responding to a question as to whether the attacks in Hamburg were coordinated those on the same night in Cologne. 
In Cologne, near the French border, German police recorded nearly 400 cases of sexual assault that included rapes, groping, and theft. German women who were partying on New Year’s Eve in Cologne told various media that groups of Muslim men surrounded them. The women struggled to flee when their breasts and genitals were grabbed by the mob, while some were injured. 
Women in Germany have taken to the streets to protest perceived police inaction and the sexual assaults. In Hamburg, some women born signs saying “We are not fair game. Hands off!” while a young woman in Cologne held a silent nude protest holding a placard that read “Respect us. We are not fair game, even if we are naked”
Chancellor Angela Merkel has come under fire from opoonents who have denounced her open door policy towards refugees. In 2015, one million migrants were admitted, most of whom were not from Syria where the Islamic State continues its murderous path. Over the January 9-10 weekend, police clashed with protesters representing antiimmigration groups, leading some to highlight the severity of the police response to the protesters as compared to the  response accorded to the immigrant sexual assailants.



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