Astute observers noticed something missing from his November 19 speech in which he sought to explain democratic Socialism to Americans unaccustomed to hearing such high-level elected officials espousing the doctrine. In his stump speeches throughout the country, Sen. Bernie Sanders has typically touted his credibility as a populist by speaking about his refusing to accept money from PACs. He also likes to mention how that many of the contributions he receives are for less than $20. His disapproval of PACs has been a hallmark of his burgeoning campaign, where he is welcomed like a grizzled grandfather and crusty professor-type.
However, he dropped a significant line from his pre-packaged speech that he read from two teleprompters, much in the same way as does President Barack Obama. In his much-anticipated lecture on democratic Socialism, Sanders went straight from demanding mandatory voter registration to an intricate comparison of his ideology to what people know as Socialism.
What he dropped while speaking at Georgetown University – an elite private institution - was as significant as anything he left in. What he was expected to say was:
“It is unacceptable that we have a corrupt campaign finance system which allows millionaires, billionaires and large corporations to contribute as much as they want to super PACs to elect candidates who will represent their special interests. We must overturn Citizens United and move to public funding of elections.”
This might have passed over the heads of the cheering students and academicians at Bill Clinton’s alma mater was that is came exactly one day after the revelation that National Nurses United union was using its affiliated super PAC to back Sanders with nearly $570,000.
Sanders’ supporters can rest assured that their champion is perhaps just a Democrat, all along.



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