Video from inside a helicopter showed the last moments in the life of a bride-to-be. Bride Rosemere do Nascimento Silva wanted to surprise her prospective husband and their approximately 300 guests with a dramatic entrance. The graphic video reveals in its first minutes an apparently normal flight through hazy skies.

The bride and her brother can be seen in the video, smiling in anticipation of a safe landing. At one point, the photographer -- who was six months pregnant -- adjusted the video camera and also smiles. The pilot was most obscured in the video.

The heartbreaking video changes dramatically at about 1 minute 46 seconds. The view of the camera shifts wildly as someone, perhaps a woman, is heard screaming. The camera recorded a jumble of scenes until the crash landing, when the grass beneath the wrecked helicopter comes into view.

The pilot and all three passengers were killed in the tragic crash. The aircraft fell to a spot nearly one mile away from where the guests awaiting the bridal party at the reception. The helicopter is believed to have encountered bad weather on the way to the ceremony. However, police and air crash investigators are also trying to determine whether the helicopter struck a tree in the midst of the poor visibility. Rain, fog, and low-lying clouds were evident on the tragic day.

Video of the crash, which occurred in May 2016, was only recently released to the media.

The devastated bridegroom, Udirley Damasceno, received the bad news from his pastor at the altar. Despite the mustering of eight fire engines, emergency responders could not save any of the four victims. 



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