President Trump will soon take his first foreign trip of his presidency. Among the foreign leaders he will meet is Pope Francis. The pontiff is not only the spiritual leader 1.2 billion Catholics around the world, he is also the temporal ruler of the Vatican City state, which is nestled behind Renaissance-era walls and battlements within the city of Rome. 
In advance of Trump’s official visit, a life-size mural appeared on a wall near the Vatican hill on Thursday. It depicts Pope Francis with a halo locking lips with President Trump. Rather than the halo of a saint, Trump’s image is shown with devil's horns on his head. 
The mural was painted on paper and then pasted on the wall along a street frequented by foreign tourists. In the past, other such street art has appeared on the walls of Rome depicting the pope in recent months. 
This most recent image depicts Pope Francis with a cross on a chain around his neck. Trump, on the other hand, is wearing a gold watch and pistol in a holster. on a wall near the Vatican on Thursday, less than two weeks before they are due to meet. The pope’s halo is the same yellow tone as Trump’s shock of hair. A motto on the pope’s belt reads: “Good defeats evil.”
The mural, which was painted on paper and pasted onto the wall during the night, was the latest work by street artists depicting the Pope to appear in Rome in recent months.
Trump will meet Pope Francis on May 24 as as  the leaders of Italy, and also travel to Saudi Arabia and Israel. Trump’s tour will conclude with stops at a NATO meeting in Brussels on May 25 and at the G-7 summit in Sicily on May 26.



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