Chuck Todd: Nancy Pelosi is a major drag on Democrats at the polls

politics | Jun 23, 2017 | By Martin Barillas

MSNBC news host Chuck Todd assigned a substantial amount of the blame for Democrats’ loss in Georgia’s special election on June 20. Speaking on June 21, Todd said that Republicans have successfully utilized voters’ misgivings over House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to galvanize conservative support. He cited as an example Karen Handel’s closing arguments before she defeated Jon Ossoff in the race for seat in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District. Handel argued:  “Nancy Pelosi’s guy coming in to try to buy this seat,” in reference to the millions garnered from outside of the state to spend on Ossoff’s unsuccessful campaign. “It is Pelosi,” Todd said, “who remains a pretty big drag for Democrats at the polls in certain districts, particularly this one.”
Todd said that Republicans were successful in focusing their campaigns on Pelosi as a “potent” weapon of “attack.” He even suggested that Pelosi was more visible as an issue in the race that Handel won in Georgia than even President Donald Trump himself.
Pointing several Republican campaign ads that tied various Democratic Party candidates to Pelosi, Todd said, “For Democrats, they've got to start thinking about how hard it's going to be to sell voters on a 'change' environment in a 'change' election if the answer to the question of 'Okay, who's [sic] Democrats going to put in as Speaker of the House,' if the answer is still Nancy Pelosi.”
As for Pelosi herself, she remains unbowed. Saying this week that she likes a political fight, she issued a challenge to her critics among Democrats. Among them is Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) who unsuccessfully ran against her within the Democratic caucus.  




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