Christians in the UK are planning to pray for for the success of the annual national Climate Justice March this week in central London.

A Climate Refugee Vigil will be held on the shore of the River Thames near the Millennium Bridge, at nearly midnight on December 2, and again hours later at 1 am on December 3. They are inviting members of other faiths to join them. 

Christian Ecology Link is holding a time of prayer and meditation on the morning of December 3 at St Mary-le-Bow church in Cheapside, London. People are asked to  pray for the success of the upcoming United Nations climate conference tobe held in Durban, South Africa. World leaders are expected to attend the climate conference, which has been heralded by Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a Nobel Prize-winner. 

Following prayers at St Mary-le-bow, representatives of various faiths will leave the church to join the Climate Justice March and Rally organized by the Campaign against Climate Change. They plan to march in solidarity with similar marchers in Africa, who are "demanding climate justice at the Durban climate talks", read a statement by the group.

The London march will culminate with a Climate Justice Rally outside Parliament. Attendees will split into two groups to represent the seven percent global privileged versus the 50 percent suffering climate injustice, and demand urgent action to achieve a Zero Carbon Britain by 2030.

Bishop David Atkinson, member of the Board of Operation Noah which is supporting the St Mary-le-Bow service, said, according to a statement,  "Care for God's creation is a crucial dimension of Christian discipleship and a central part of Christian mission. Responding to the threat of climate change by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels is a Christian responsibility and one which we share with all people, especially on behalf of the poorest parts of the world, future generations and the wellbeing of all creatures. Our prayers are for all those involved in the United Nations talks in Durban, that they may be given wisdom and courage to act with justice for the good of all people and all God's creation."

This week the World Council of Churches general secretary, Reverend Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, called the United Nations UNFCCC COP 17 meeting a "last opportunity for the international community to be responsible in addressing climate change", and called on the meeting to "act now for climate justice."

Info: Christian Ecology Link   



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