Tucker Carlson asks Univision anchor: 'Are you truly American?'

world | Mar 13, 2018 | By Martin Barillas

In an exchange with news anchor Jorge Ramos of Univision, Fox News's Tucker Carlson questioned his guest about voting in elections in both the United States and Mexico. Ramos, while he was born in Mexico, is a naturalized U.S. citizen. Ramos recently published a book about American immigration policies and law.

Carlson reminded Ramos on Monday that when taking the oath of citizenship, Ramos swore to "renounce all allegiance to any foreign state you have ever been a citizen of." Carlson added, "You took that oath, but you're voting in a foreign election." In response, Ramos dismissed Carlson's concern and said that Mexico and other countries allow voting in foreign elections. "Mexico is not invading the U.S.," Ramos said. 

Carlson noted, "Yet, Mexican citizens live in this country, vote in Mexican elections, then write books telling Americans like me how we should run our government when you clearly haven't renounced your loyalty to a foreign government." Ramos said that he should be able to "complain" about President Donald Trump. Ramos called Trump the "most anti-immigrant president since the 1950s."

Carlson asked why he should take Ramos seriously on matters of U.S. since he admittedly participates in Mexican elections. “I thought you were an American?” Carlson asked, referring to a Spanish-language tweet in which Ramos admitted to vote in both countries. “I am Mexican and I am American, that is completely legal,” Ramos responded. Ramos said he is “proud” of being a Mexican living in America. To this Carlson responded, saying, "There’s nothing wrong with being from Mexico.” Carlson argued, “What is wrong is that when you became a citizen, you took this following oath. This was a pledge and you said you swore absolutely and entirely to renounce all allegiance to any foreign state you have ever been a citizen of. You took that oath, but you’re voting in a foreign election?”

When Ramos observed that Mexico is not at war with the U.S. or invading, Carlson said, “You’re not invading the United States, and yet, Mexican citizens live in this country, vote in Mexican elections and then write books telling Americans like me how we should run our government when you clearly have not renounced your loyalty to a foreign government. Why should I take you seriously?”

Ramos said that he and other immigrants will never be “American enough” for Carlson. Carlson countered by saying “it’s not about Mexico, it could be any country,” and continued, “Why should I take you seriously as an American if you are still tied to a country despite the oath you took, apparently disingenuously, to renounce your ties to that country? You are weighing in on a foreign election. In what sense are you fully American?”

The heated conversation then referred to the Ivan Zamarripa-Castaneda, an illegal alien charged with the DUI killing of an American truck driver in Denver, Colorado. In that case, the Denver County Sheriff’s Office released Zamarripa-Castaneda from detainment without informing ICE. When Carlson asked Ramos why Zamarripa should have been allowed to walk away, it was then that Ramos accused Carlson of “criminalizing” all immigrants and of being “state TV.”

“Spare me your Univision talking points,” Carlson fired back. Finally, Carlson asked, "In what sense are you fully American?"

Women in immigrant communities, Ramos alleged, are not reporting crime because they “fear” that immigration enforcement will arrest their family members. “That is not a real statistic,” Carlson argued. He told Ramos, “I didn’t see you in my statistics class in college, you should have come ’cause you would have known that’s not a real one.”



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