Sri Lanka: World Vision, Christian Protestants attend the Buddhists of the north

world | Jan 05, 2012 | By Asia News

Anuradhapura - After 15 years, the mission of the Christian Word Vision, among the Buddhist population of 44 villages in Galenbindunuwewa Division (North Central provinces) has ended. In addition to the great success of the project "Rebuild your life", the association is distinguished from other international Christian NGO in that it never received accusations of proselytism or forced conversions among practicing Buddhists. "By helping us find the strength and guidance in building better lives - say some residents - workers have shown us the true meaning of Christianity. These people, are like brothers for us. " Christian World Vision is an American relief, development and advocacy agency that works around the world. In 15 years in Sri Lanka, the association has spent a total of 4.8 million dollars (3.7 million euros).

"Our work in the villages of Galenbindunuwewa - explains Kohombange Jayaweera, coordinator of the project - was held in three phases. Each time, with the help of residents and staff were trying to identify the main needs. We worked on agricultural development, promotion of alternative resources, health and nutrition, institutional development, education, promotion and protection of the environment. In addition, we have launched campaigns to raise awareness for HIV / AIDS, food security and integrated farming techniques. "

Wasan Nilanthi, a villager and collaborator with the organization, explains: "Now, our villages have food and drinking water. Over the years, with their help we have started growing crops that are bearing fruit. We are grateful to World Vision because it has made us independent. "

B.M.M. Balasooriya, Public Health Inspector (Phi) for six years in the area, speaks of "the ease with which I could do my job due to the presence on the territory of the association." Moreover, he adds, "I can not forget the many health programs to reduce malnutrition among children and economic assistance for operations in cases of heart or liver transplants."

Ven. Dewahuwe Hemaloka Thero, director of the meditation center Vihara Maha Devi Purana Gallen, is "grateful" to World Vision "for helping us to become true human beings" and "young people have been shown how to recognize their talents and find their rightful place in society ". Several international NGOs have been accused of converting Buddhists to Christianity. The bonzo specifies: "The World Vision workers have never converted anyone. Indeed, they did what our government should have done: made these 44 villages rich and fruitful. "

The villages now have houses with solid cadjan roofs (palm leaves), no longer of more clay. The operators have built a dam to get water to crops, originally unsuccessful because of dry soil. "We have a better life - some people say - thanks to the work of World Vision. With its style, this organization has shown us Buddhists true Christianity ".



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