Tommy Williams, 20, and Clarence Williams, 19, were both sentenced to a minimum of 10 years of sex offender intensive supervised probation in a Colorado court on Tuesday. They also face a maximum of life on probation for the alleged gang rape of a 13-year-old girl at an apartment in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in December 2016.

Shocked and disgusted by the sentence, the girl's grandfather told local KKTV 11, “There was six of them and they gang-raped my granddaughter.” The victim’s grandmother said that her granddaughter was passed around by the rapists “like a hand on a clock.” She told the presiding judge that the victim may now never be able to have children as a result of the brutal rape.

The court ruling places now four of the six perpetrators on probation instead of in prison. According to court documents, two of the men dragged the victim from a bathroom and into a bedroom where the other four suspects were waiting to rape her. In January 2017, Tyron Williams was sentenced to probation. He reportedly said in court that “it wouldn’t have happened in the first place” if he had known that the victim was a minor. Another suspect, James Williams, was sentenced to five years of probation in August 2016.

Two of the other suspects, who are reportedly related to Tommy Williams and Clarence Williams, are currently awaiting sentencing. 

The victim's grandmother revealed in February that the victim has been in therapy for the past year. While she was scheduled to address the court before the sentencing of one of the perpetrators, she suffered an anxiety attack and could not come to court. Because of concerns that the girl would be further traumatized by bringing the case to trail, the judge took those concerns into consideration when accepting the plea agreement for the accused. The girl's family was concern that Tyron Williams may not follow the rules of probation and thus endanger other persons. For his part, Tyron Williams addressed the court before sentencing. He said, "I apologize to [the victim] and her family for what happened. If I knew she was underage, it wouldn’t have happened in the first place."



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