Conservative radio personality Hugh Hewitt questioned author/attorney Ann Coulter on November 13 over her tweets about South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and about the citizenship status of Republican Sen. Ted Cruz’s citizenship. In a series of tweets that followed Haley’s Republican response to President Barack Obmaa’s State of the Union address, Coulter wrote on January 12 “Trump should deport Nikki Haley.” This came while Nikki was speaking about the vetting of immigrants.

Coulter opined in one of her tweets that Haley was seeking to silence those within her party who are calling for limits to immigration.

Hewitt remarked, after Coulter condemned Haley’s position on immigration, “Ann, I feel like I’m talking to the arsonist who burned down the building and then is upset with the ashes.” Despite the fact that Haley averred that Haley was speaking about Trump in her response to Obama, Hewitt claimed that there was “no anti-Trump stuff” in the governor’s remarks. When Coulter pointed this out, Hewitt fired back at her, saying that Haley had said so in reaction to a reporter’s question. Hewitt said, “I think Ann Coulter started all this. I think this is on you, Ann.”




Hewitt also questioned Coulter over her doubts over Ted Cruz’s citizenship and whether it meets the definition of being “natural born” as delineated in the Constitution for the eligibility of presidents. Coulter said, “You cannot be natural born unless you are the child of an ambassador, or if we were in a monarchy, but we’re not, a child of the king himself.” Hewitt responded, “Ann, you can’t just make stuff…” He added, “Ann––and I respect that you hold this position forcefully––but would you acknowledge that you are a minority of about three?” Coulter responded, “The law is the law, and I don’t care how many people agree with me.”



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