The Pope's claim that "It is man who has slapped nature in the face” needs to be weighed against the fact that fossil fuels have allowed mankind to stop nature from slapping man in the face. The more we develop with fossil fuels and increase our wealth and standard of living, the more we can inoculate ourselves from the ravages of nature.  
That is why fossil fuel use is the moral choice to make. Sadly, the Pope is aligning himself with a corrupt UN agenda that will limit development for billions of the world's desperately poor residents. 
If Pope Francis goes ahead with his climate encyclical and uses it to essentially lobby nations to commit to a development-limiting UN climate treaty, it will be unprecedented action and massively misguided. 
The Pope has been misled on climate science and his promotion of the UN agenda will only mean the poor will be the biggest victims of Climate Change policies. The Pope has picked a contentious scientific issue in which -- now going on almost two decades of no global warming, sea ice recovering, sea level rise actually decelerating, on every metric from polar bears on down - the global warming narrative has weakened. And to now have the Pope jump on that bandwagon would sow confusion among Catholics.
If Pope Francis embraces the Climate Change agenda, he will be aligning himself with the biggest enemies of the Church and of Catholic moral principles.  These activists are pro-population control, pro-abortion, pro-contraception, pro-sterilization, pro-euthanasia, etc. Some climate activists have even called for genetically altering humans to fight global warming. See: Meet Man Who Wants to Engineer a Master Climate Race?! NYU Prof. Matthew Liao: Humans genetically engineered to combat global warming - 'Pharmacological enhancement'
What is Pope Francis thinking? How could he be so off-course on climate? 
The advocates of the Climate Change narrative see humans as the biggest threat to the planet, as opposed to the Catholic view that the planet exists to sustain us, not the other way around.  The moral principle of Good Stewardship is rooted in the idea that creation is a gift to us from God.
Development is needed for so much of the world, and carbon-based energy is one of the greatest liberators of mankind, lengthening life expectancy, lowering infant mortality and bringing running water and electricity to those who need it most. 
The Vatican is taking advice from the hard-core climate activists who specialize in extreme rants. A workshop of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences held in 2014 was reportedly a key influence on the Pope's views. The proceedings of the workshop included activists like Naomi Oreskes, Peter Wadhams,Martin Rees, Hans-Jochim Schellhuber, Jeffrey Sachs and Joseph Stiglitz
One of the attendees was Jeffrey Sachs, a UN special advisor UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon. Sachs tweeted on November 10 that 'Climate liars like Rupert Murdoch & Koch Brothers have more & more blood on their hands as climate disasters claim lives across the world.”
The Pope is taking advice from Sachs? 
Peter Wadhams is a scientist that even his fellow global warming advocates distance themselves from. See: Warmists attack fellow warmist Prof. Peter Wadhams for 'using graphs with ridiculous projections with no basis in physics'
German climate advisor Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber was also at the Vatican climate presentation in 2014. Does Pope Francis want to align himself with Schellnhuber's views? See: Flashback 2009: German Climate Advisor Schellnhuber 'proposes creation of a CO2 budget for every person on planet!'
Pope Francis needs to hear from the scientists who reject the man-made global warming narrative that has been manufactured by the UN, Al Gore and the media. And I am willing to organize a counter- meeting of dissenting scientists to make a presentation to the Pontifical academy of sciences.
The Pope needs to educate himself on climate science and the agenda of climate activists. 
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