Data available from the Bureau of Vital Statistics of New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene shows the extent to which African-American babies are subjected to induced abortion.
According to its Summary of Vital Statistics for 2013, there were for that year a total of 56,165 pregnancies and a total number of viable pregnancies of 53,115 among African-American women in New York City.
Total Black Pregnancies: 56,165
Total Viable Black Pregnancies: 53,115
Black Abortions as a Percentage of Total Black Pregnancies: 51.6%
Black Abortions as a Percentage of Total Viable Black Pregnancies: 54.6%
Citing these sources, Rev. Walter B. Hoye II concluded that abortions represent 51.6% of all pregnancies among black women, while 54.6% of all viable black pregnancies end in abortion. “In other words,” he said, “for every 1 Black baby born, 1.2 Black babies are aborted in New York City.” He added, “To bring additional perspective to the impact of abortion in the Black-American community in New York City, every day there are 66 Black babies born and 79 Black babies aborted in The Big Apple.”
Rev. Hoye called on black leaders in the United States to “do the math” so as to understand how abortion impacts the black community and thus cooperate in ending abortion on demand. Because February is Black History Month, he urged all people to consider the words he quoted of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: “The Negro cannot win if he is willing to sell the future of his children for his personal and immediate comfort and safety." 
Hoye added, "Without life, we have nothing!"
Rev. Hoye is president and founder of the Issues4life Foundation, the California Civil Rights Foundation, as well as the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California. He is also a Core Member of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition, and is on the board of The Morning Center.



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