As protests have become more regular among citizens concerned about the security implications of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to admit 1.1 million unfiltered mostly-Muslim migrants into the country, Germany was rocked by the news that a live grenade was tossed into a refugee camp in Villingen-Schwenningen on January 29. 
While the assailants managed to pull the safety pin from the grenade and throw it at the hostel at Baden-Wurttemberg, it failed to detonate. No injuries were reported at the facility that houses some 170 refugees.
While there have been no arrests, German police have reflexively blamed German racists.
Groups such as Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident (PEGIDA) have organized torch-lit rallies in a number of different cities over the past few months in protest of the arrival of the migrants over 2015. Reportedly, 600,000 of them are missing. And at least one million more are expected this year. Germany’s population before the arrival of the migrants was 80 million.
Merkel’s decision to open up the country to the migrants has caused tensions with its neighbors. Some countries are questioning their participation in the Schengen agreement, which allows citizens of the various European signatory countries to travel across borders unimpeded and without visas. At a meeting of EU foreign ministers this week, Greece was criticized by fellow Balkan countries for its allegedly lax policy towards arriving migrants. Some countries such as Denmark have begun enacting stricter border controls. 
In Cologne, there were reports of sexual harassment, assaults and rape of women by migrants in the city square during New Years’ celebrations. Some public swimming pools have responded to reports of Middle Eastern men and boys groping and fondling girls and women by putting signs warning against misbehavior.

Bill Warner, a frequent critic of politicized Islam who is based in the United States, is calling Americans to join the PEGIDA political organization. He wrote:

"We are in the middle of a civilizational war and our leaders in politics, the media, universities and religious groups are failing us.
"Our first step is to educate ourselves about the true nature of Political Islam, but that is not enough. After we educate our friends, family and others, we must join in with others to fight Political Islam and itsapologists.
"We must exert political pressure with mass rallies. We also need to be a member of a group that will plan and hold large protest meetings. If you can, join Pegida."

PEGIDA. however, has run up against accusations of bigotry. For example, Facebook banned the page for PEGIDA Macedonia. The group had been accused of committing so-called Islamophobia.




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