Great Fast 2017 - Day Thirty
“Can’t you just see it? Don’t dream it. Be it.”
Richard O’Brien
I know there are skeptics who doubt the capability of earthlings to have created some of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Yet, the Great Pyramid of Giza still stands as a testament to someone’s plan and execution. Nevertheless, we certainly know that humans today have achieved the highest buildings, the longest bridges, the fastest airplanes, the farthest traveled spaceships, eradicated diseases, and split atoms.
We can see and experience so much that someone has thought about and planned and that others have built and developed. There are certainly many wonders available to so many of us. Utilities are delivered to our homes without us thinking about how. Entertainment is available at the click of a button and, mercifully, we don’t need to understand how it gets from there to here. We are in constant communication from almost anywhere with someone who is somewhere else.
We can take medicine and eat foods that have nearly doubled the normal lifespan in a few generations. We ourselves are living proof of the possibilities. We could certainly go on and on about all the wonders of our world including achievements in sports and the creations of writers, musicians, and other artists. The computer itself has transformed and accelerated every area of human endeavor.
For all of the achievement, advancement, speed, and excitement of our lives, people still die. People get sick. People get divorced. People get fired or phased out. People get robbed, beaten, raped, abused, and neglected. People sin. People lie, steal, cheat. People hurt. People hurt themselves. People hurt people.
Hurt people hurt people. Institutions hurt people. People discriminate, segregate, hate, control, and manipulate. People suffer. People cry, weep, grieve, mourn. People ignore. People incite and instigate.
People mislead, deceive, destroy, denigrate. People are in pain, physically, emotionally, spiritually. People are poor. Children are hungry. Life is difficult. Stock markets rise, but human spirits fall. You get the picture.
The human race still needs the season of the Great Fast. For all of our progress, we are still human in the broken, fallen, earthly sense. You can make a list of your own sufferings, and you can make a list of your own shortcomings, your faults, your sins. Now close your eyes.
Well, read this and then close your eyes. Imagine. Take just one item from the list.
Imagine just one day in which that item is not what it is today. Imagine. Imagine no war in Syria. Imagine. Imagine no child in Shriners Hospital. Imagine. Imagine no one in line at the food pantry. Imagine. Imagine no sadness in your heart. Imagine.
Imagine no anger, no envy, no strife, no gossip. Imagine. Every achievement, every success, every step forward, every love is first a thought. Imagine that. Imagine how different tomorrow would be if you could just imagine today. Jesus said the Kingdom of God is within you. Imagine that. Imagine God on your side. A teabag fortune once read: The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. Imagine that. Think about it. Try it. Imagine the possibilities.
FS is a priest of the Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh.



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