Ann Coulter: Republicans are 'corrupt' on immigration issue

crime | Jun 24, 2015 | By Martin Barillas

Author and media personality Ann Coulter was interviewed on C-SPAN by John McArdle about her most recent book, and also asked for her observations concerning illegal immigration. Her most recent book is "Adios America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole."
In her book she identifies “Democrats, the rich, Washington, Republicans, and money-grubbing churches” as among the groups that are fostering the wave of illegal immigrants that are passing through the southern most border of the United States, mostly from Mexico and Central America.
However, she reserved some of her sharpest comments about Republicans. “The people I’m most aggressive towards are the Republicans because it’s so idiotic. For one thing, I feel like I’d have had more influence with them, but they're just being stupid.
When asked to further identify the groups and institutions that are promoting illegal immigration, Coulter replied "It’s all of the elites in America against the American people, including recent immigrants. These people who immigrated to this country for some reason decided they wanted to come to America and didn’t want to emigrate to Mexico, or Honduras or Pakistan. So I don’t know how it’s helping them to bring this country into Mexico, Honduras or Pakistan.
"The only people want it that way seem to be the Left… Liberals think America is a very bad country: it’s racist, sexist, imperalist, narcissistic, greedy, arrogant. So we deserve to be punished for having a successful society. Democrats like dumping low-wage workers on our country without knowing our traditions because the newest immigrants tend to be dependent on government services as compared to ealirer immigrants and compared to the native population. So they block vote for the Democrats."
"Republicans," said Coulter “I say are corrupt, I think they’re just idiots. They are looking at their short term electoral interests. This is the same con Democrats have run on Republicans many times before on things like gun control.”



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