Samantha Bee has been selected by the Television Academy to receive one of seven awards tonight for "outstanding programs that have leveraged the dynamic power of television to inspire social change." The award is being presented at the Eleventh Annual Television Award Honors ceremony in Hollywood.

Bee should be removed from the list of honorees. After calling President Trump's daughter, Ivanka, the "C" word last night on her TBS show, the only social change she is inspiring is cultural degradation.

The Television Academy can send an unmistakable message to those who obscenely assault innocent women: such persons are deserving of condemnation, not commendation. If it does not act, then all the uproar over women being sexually abused by Hollywood celebrities will be seen as a public relations gimmick. Make no mistake, Bee is contributing to the very environment that allows predatory men to act with impunity.

That a prominent woman can publicly reduce another prominent woman to nothing but a c*** is the penultimate expression of sexism, however non-violent it may be.

Contact Stephanie Goodell at the Television Academy and ask her to implore the Academy to act now:



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