Devastated by the aftermath of a violent rape at the hands of a Syrian Muslim refugee, a Swedish woman committed suicide. Angelica Wiktor (30) took a drug overdose and ended her life. 

Wiktor was raped in her own home by a Syrian refugee in March. She reportedly told police in Sweden that her neighbor Adnan and Samir (not their real names) came to her apartment one evening this spring. Because Wiktor had taken sleeping pills, she could not be certain of the exact hour of the assault. However, she remembered that Adnan pushed her into the bedroom, forced her on the bed and held her down while raping her. Because she had previously inserted a tampon, the rape pushed the object so far within her that she could not remove it normally the next day. 

Local media reported that the police prosecutors ignored much of the evidence presented in the case. For example, DNA analysis was not conducted in the victim's apartment, and her "assault related bruises" were ignored.

Samir even admitted that he and Adnan were in the victim's apartment. However, the Swedish prosecutor decided it was case closed due to a "lack of evidence."



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