Dashcam video recorded by several police officers showed Madison Dickson, a 21-year-old woman of Tulsa, firing a pistol at police before she was fatally struck by a pursuing police car. The shocking incident occurred on March 18 at approximately 2:25 p.m. local time.
Local reports recount that Dickson was wanted for questioning by police over allegations that she shot a man in the head on March 16, as well as the shooting of a woman at a Walgreens drug store on March 17. The two victims survived. Police had been searching for her for a week.
Police had her under surveillance at an apartment complex in Tulsa and gave pursuit after seeing her leave in a pickup truck. Graphic video shows the young woman after she had descended from her pickup and aiming a pistol at police while she runs along a sidewalk next to an elementary school playground. Officer Jonathan Grafton drove his police car onto the sidewalk to pursue Dickson, who can be seen in the video pointing her weapon at the car. During the chase, Officers Kayla Johnson and Ronnie Leatherman fired shots at Dickson, which can be heard on the audio portion of the recording. Dickson died as a result of a traumatic head injury.
The video records that Dickson was running just in front of the car with her back to the camera when she was struck and apparently run over. Early this year, Dickson left behind a drug treatment program. The Tulsa World interviewed Dickson’s friend, Brittany Sieber, who avowed that while she was a “good person,” she was brought low by drugs. “The enemy got the best of her.”
Dickson was arrested in September 2015 when she attempting to steal the car of a deputy of the Osage County sheriff’s department. At the time, she was in the deputy’s patrol car and was handcuffed for driving a stolen car. Even so, she managed to steal the deputy’s car in which she was detained and drove it away before abandoning it. She was arrested at her mother’s home. Upon the second arrest, Dickson was kept in a specialized cruiser that had a cage for her. Dickson also had been stopped in the past for drug possession.



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