Club for Growth ad says Trump is no conservative

politics | Feb 12, 2016 | By Martin Barillas

The Club for Growth slammed Donald Trump with an attack ad that tells South Carolina voters “there’s nothing conservative” about the outspoken New Yorker. The right-leaning group paid $1.5 million for the 30 second ad that is slated to begin its run on February 13 on broadcast, satellite, and cable stations throughout South Carolina.

The TV ad says: "There's nothing conservative about proposing the largest tax hike in history. There's nothing conservative about supporting socialized single-payer health care. There's nothing conservative about abusing eminent domain for personal gain.

"There's nothing conservative about four bankruptcies. There's nothing conservative about giving money to the Clintons. There's nothing conservative about Donald Trump."

According to David McIntosh, who presides over the Club for Growth Action, "Donald Trump is not a conservative.” He added, "He is a liberal on taxes, health care, eminent domain, and government bailouts. His record of bankruptcies and of donating to the Clintons and other big-government liberals needs to be exposed.” McIntosh added, "CFG Action exposed the truth about Trump in Iowa and those ads worked … There was a clear and steady decline in Trump's numbers … The ads worked then and CFG Action is convinced that South Carolina Republicans will also reject Trump's phony conservative claims."

Trump was quick to respond on Twitter. He said “there’s nothing conservative” about the Club for Growth, which he said had once come to his office to ask for a donation. Trump has slammed the group in the past, claiming it runs an "extortion" racket. He said that it is “phony" and its members "total hypocrites."

Failed presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is also a critic of the Club For Growth, which dubbed him "Tax Hike Mike." Huckabee called it "a bunch of rich guys sitting around writing checks to go after people they don't like. They don't like me because I was fighting for the guys at the bottom, not just the guys at the top."



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