Law enforcement authorities in Houston are still looking for Jennifer Marie Sanchez, a mother of six children who went missing on Friday. There has been no word from the 39-year-old woman, whose family members are becoming increasingly desperate for answers. According to relatives, Jennifer did not report for work at B&W Meat Co. the next morning, leaving behind a paycheck. An aunt said that is unlikely that Jennifer would have passed up a check, saying that she lived from payday to payday.

On Monday, family and friends went to nearby neighborhoods and distributed flyers in the hope of garnering any information about Jennifer’s whereabouts. The Missing Persons unit of the Houston Police Department in on the case. Detectives acknowledge that they are attempting to contact her estranged husband, who is currently charged with assault on Jennifer. Because the case was scheduled for a court hearing next week, Jennifer’s family members say her disappearance is suspicious. Calls to her mobile phone go directly to voicemail.

Official records indicate that Jennifer’s estranged husband was convicted of an assault on her in March 2017. Jennifer filed a restraining order against him. His defense attorney has been mum. Jennifer has brown hair with highlights and a tribal tattoo on her right arm. She also has a Hello Kitty tattoo on her wrist and a tattoo on her ear lobe. Jennifer was last seen on Thursday after returning from work in the evening. Her son Joshua Jilote told local news that he woke up on Friday at about 1 a.m. to see her walking out the door. Her aunt, Yvonne Wiemann told reporters that Jennifer showered and then dressed in her nightclothes before telling her son that she would return soon. She left the residence but did not return. Jennifer has six sons. Four are adults, while the other two boys are in the care of a foster family.

If you see her or have any information, call Houston police at 713-884-3131.



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