On Fox News, show host Sean Hannity debated issues relating to national crime rates with his guest, Jorge Ramos of Univision.They discussed Attorney General Jeff Sessions' recent decision to enforce federal immigration law in California, which has passed laws offering sanctuary to illegal immigrants that are now being contested in court by the Trump administration. This week, Sessions told California law enforcement officers that Gov. Jerry Brown's (D) cannot prohibit local authorities from cooperating with federal immigration agents.

When Hannity asked Ramos, a U.S. citizen born in Mexico, whether he supports deporting illegal immigrants who have committed other crimes or if California’s sanctuary laws should stand, Ramos answered, "The vast majority of immigrants... are not criminals." “You don’t tell your audience the truth, the facts,” Ramos said, “that immigrants are less likely to be criminals than those born in the United States.”

Hannity then asked Ramos to refrain from repeating "talking points" but answer his questions. Ramos responded, "I'm not here to defend criminals." 

Ramos added that he believes President Donald Trump's policies appear to criminalize an entire race, but clarified that he believes "not all white people" are responsible for the actions of Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock. 

Hannity recalled that in the company of then then-Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas), he met immigration officers who informed him that 642,000 crimes were committed against Texans by illegal immigrants in a seven-year period. Hannity asked Ramos, "Are you literally saying to me that they're lying?" 



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