The following is a letter from a faithful Catholic about the current crisis facing the Catholic Church with regard to accusations of sexual abuse allegedly committed by priests againsts minors and others in their care:

Pope Francis,

You have called an extraordinary meeting – a meeting in February 2019 of the presidents of all of the conferences of Catholic bishops from around the world to discuss the sex abuse scandal. Too little, too late.

Some people have called for the agenda and the participants at the upcoming synod on youth October 3 to 28 to be changed to address this scandal. Some, including Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia, have asked that it be cancelled. After all, that synod is currently scheduled to discuss young people, faith and vocational discernment. Is there anything more important to youth, including their vocational discernment – for marriage or priesthood or religious life, than to have a Church purified of this filth? To have priests and bishops who will lead them to Christ rather than abusing them and wounding them and driving them away from Christ?

If you think waiting until February 2019, six months from now, makes sense then you are tone deaf, totally out of sync with the lay faithful whom you are sworn to serve, and not compatible with the mind of the Church.

Here’s my agenda for you, Holy Father: all Vatican records regarding these issues and require each bishop to do the same;

2.answer questions raised by Archbishop Vigano’s letter;

3.demand resignations of a multitude of cardinals and bishops (your failure to do so with respect to Cardinal Donald Wuerl is shocking);

4.suspend making any episcopal appointments because you are compromised, and the current vetting process is obviously inadequate;

5.once all of this is done, resign the papacy. The conclave to elect your successor should have none of the compromised Cardinals participating.

Your successor will create an independent lay commission (global? country by country?) to investigate all aspects of this scandal.

The author writes from Virginia.






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