Identified by Butler News as "John Pisone," was fired by his employer for excercising his free speech rights by using racial epithets and threatening language while confronting a group of protesters in Pennsylvania. Video recorded the exchange in which the a man used a string of string of vulgarities. The incident occured at the Rex Drilling site in the Mars School District north of Pittsburgh.
After the man identified as Pisone rebuked the protesters, who were rallying against natural gas wells in the area, questioned whether they had ever been employed, he turned his attention to cameraman Tom Jefferson. Referring to Jefferson, an African-American, the man in the video called him a “chimp.”
When asked what he had said, the man said “Yeah, chimp. This f---ing nigger right here with a mop on his head…I don’t give a f---. He’s milking my f---ing tax dollars.” The protesters told him to leave immediately. In response, he made noises in imitation of an ape and continued his verbal abuse.
After cameraman Jefferson uploaded the video to YouTube, the man in the video was identified and his employer contacted. Employer MMC Land Management fired Pisone and released a statement denouncing what it called “hate speech” and proclaiming its devotion to “equality for everyone, regardless of race, age, gender identity, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.”
Here is the MMC statement:
“Today, we were disgusted to learn that one of MMC’s former employees used racial slurs and made racially charged comments during a peaceful protest in Mars, Pennsylvania, outside of work hours at a location with which we have no affiliation. We are sorry that this incident occurred. Whether at work or not, we do not condone hate speech - EVER. Inclusion and diversity are among MMC’s core values. We believe in equality for everyone, regardless of race, age, gender identity, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. MMC has terminated this employee and will never do business with him again in the future.”
Elsewhere, vulgarities and racist epithets have become commonplace. For example, The Dartmouth Review reported in December 2015 that approximately 150 Black Lives Matter protesters pushed and shoved students, chanting racist epithets while pushing through the doors of a library and disrupting the students studying there for their examinations.
The Dartmouth Review reported, "Black-clad protesters gathered in front of Dartmouth Hall, forming a crowd roughly one hundred fifty strong.  Ostensibly there to denounce the removal of shirts from a display in Collis, the Black Lives Matter collective began to sing songs and chant their eponymous catchphrase. Not content to merely demonstrate there for the night, the band descended from their high-water mark to march into Baker-Berry Library." The protesters chanted, "F*** you, you filthy white f***s!” “F*** you and your comfort!” “F*** you, you racist s***!” No disciplinary actions against the protesters was announced following the incident.
As for the fate of Pisone, leftist Daily Kos expressed satisfaction that he was out of job: "Looks like good ol’ boy John Pisone is going to be milking our tax dollars in the near future as he is going to have a hard time finding employment now. And for good reason." 
As for Pisone, he was able to reflect after losing his job. He told WPXI-TV of Pittsburgh that he "exploded" because the gas drilling industry is flushing cash and jobs into the Mars area. "I went racial on him, him being black. I thought this was going to cut deep," Pisone said. "I don't know what the hell I was thinking. I won't ever do this again."
WARNING: Graphic, racist language ahead.



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